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"Clients' works are not disclosed or displayed due to proprietary agreements."
Welcome to Media Iowa.  We create custom podcasts, B-Roll (within the State of Iowa) Intro-outro audio, video, and voice-overs for your project needs.
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Custom Podcasts

We create, design, setup, and offer complete podcast packages. All you have to do is hit record, edit, and upload. It's that simple. Call us today.

We Make Videos.

Public Service Announcement

Voice Over

I have completed thousands of voice-overs.  Male voice not what you are looking for?  I have friends in the business and can get what you need. 

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What is B-Roll?  Well, let's say you are putting together a video and need some extra shots from around Iowa, I can get it for you.


Although copyright protection is automatically granted as soon as the original content is created, a copyright disclaimer allows you to explicitly declare your rights, and deter copyright infringement.

Include a copyright statement or disclaimer for your video as an additional layer of protection for your original work.

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