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The "Trucker Buffet Podcast" is back! We are concentrating on talking to other truckers and finding solutions for many issues on the road. 

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"Trucker Buffet Podcast"

"Trucker Buffet Podcast"

Episode 2

What if you could really understand the unseen stressors that truck drivers face every day? We're taking you on a deep dive into the often-overlooked challenges and pressures of truck driving through a survey of 504 drivers. It's time to shine a light on the harsh realities that these drivers grapple with, from long work weeks to the daily struggle of finding a suitable place to sleep. 

Can music be a source of solace in the solitude of long hauls? We share some heartening tales showing how truckers are using the power of music to cope with stress. We also delve into how the trucking industry can create real change, taking inspiration from the collaborative spirit of musician Ellie Goulding. Let’s explore how collective action can lead to better pay, improved facilities, and enhanced mental health for truck drivers. 

We've got some practical tips for the road too. Expect practical advice on finding healthy meals on the go, strategies to avoid parking blunders, and the importance of courtesy when navigating the highways. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of the hard-hitting realities of trucking, and ways we can all work to make the road a friendlier place. Buckle up for a journey into the life of truck drivers.

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