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We will provide everything you need to start your own podcast.

Media Iowa Podcast Creation

Sound Equipment

We will build you a complete up-and-running podcast show.

In this day and age, many people are starting podcasts. Why? Because the world is hungry for great podcast content. The one thing people learn quickly is that starting a podcast is very daunting. The trial and errors are massive and extremely time-consuming. So much so that most podcasts fail. They don't fail so much because of the content as they do the fact that people just give up. In order for podcasts to be fun and even profitable, the time spent making them must be nominal.

This is where Media Iowa comes in. We will create everything you need to get started, including producing, editing, and directing your first 5 podcast episodes. What does this package include?

  1. Industry-standard Microphone.

  2. USB audio interface (For direct connection to your computer)

  3. Audio editing software and instructions

  4. Industry-standard headphones.

  5. Microphone stand.

  6. Buzzsprout podcast service (3 months of service.)

  7. Buzzsprout podcast website design.

  8. Fully designed Podcast Intro and Outro. (Video and Audio)

  9. Personally designed Youtube channel.

  10. Your first 5 episodes directed, produced, edited, and uploaded by me.

  11. 60 days of complete customer instruction via phone, email, and/or text by the Media Iowa Team.

Not only is podcasting fun, enjoyable, and lucrative, but it is the most affordable and opportune way to share with the world the valuable information that you, personally, have gained in your lifetime. You are the teacher, whether it be personal information, or a talent that you have and can help others learn about. A podcast could be as simple as teaching breathing technics, to describing how to play the most complicated musical instrument in the world. The value of podcasting is endless and people are wanting this information to entertain and/or grow their lives. What is your passion and why not share it with the world?

When we get completed you will be a podcast professional and will be on your way to rising in the ranks of podcast excellence.

Contact us today!

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