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"Trucker Buffet Podcast." - See ya down the road, driver!

"Trucker Buffet Podcast"

Hey folks, if you would rather watch a video check out the driving footage on YouTube while the podcast is playing. Yes, I am driving my rig and the driving footage is updated every show. You never know what you will see!

Wow, look at that trucker backing up that trailer! It seems so easy. Yeah, well it may be easy most of the time because of his or her experience, but let me tell you something, sometimes even a seasoned driver has trouble backing. Backing a semi with a 53 ft trailer takes time and practice. The podcast episode gives you an audio explanation of how to do it best and what to look for. Look, none of us are perfect and if other drivers weren't so darn impatient, we would all have less stress. Thanks for listening to the trucker buffet podcast.

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