Trucker Buffet

A video series about the Trucker life.

Trucker Buffet - Mirah "Yo Yo" Worley

We have all heard stories about the bad-ass truck drivers. But have you heard of the ultimate female bad-ass truck driver? You are about to be enlightened to this very special information. Mirah Lesa "Yo Yo' Worley was and is the ultimate bad-ass trucker chick. Oh, and don't think we show her disrespect because she calls herself that and loves every second of it. Thanks to the people at NBC and drivers like Long Haul Paul, Mirah's legacy is etched in stone forever.     

1979 Real People


Blackberry Smoke - Hey Delilah

Long Haul Paul -

Trucker Buffet - Obey DOT Laws

I always say, if you don't like the rules, get the hell out of the game. DOT does many things that we do not understand but to hate them for your ignorance is ludicrous. When you get approached by a DOT officer, comply with their demands, keep your lips shut, and all will be well. If you don't like the way you were treated go to court.


Pickup driver passing on the right shoulder crashes into a parked Semi, Wyoming road closed for the winter, and on November 18th all Chester's Chickens at Love's truck stops are giving away a free Hat and Mac & Cheese.

Trucker Buffet - Proper Backing

I know, just like me some of you have been driving for years. Me? Well, since dirt was invented. Anywho, we can all use some new advice. Enjoy the video.

Trucker Buffet - Should you have a CB?

Although many truckers will tell you it is not necessary to have a CB in your truck. They couldn't be further from the truth.

Trucker Buffet - Driving Slower Costs You Money.

Welcome to Trucker Buffet. With all the Trucking Companies out there reducing the speed you can travel in a semi, the rate of pay per mile is not gaining speed either. You are losing money compared to 35 years ago and inflationary standards today are killing any chance of you buying a house or living any sort of normal life all the while making such a great sacrifice being away from your family.


1978 NHTSA Double Nickel Challange