Trucker Buffet

Working with the old and new school ways of trucking.

I have seen so many cool things in the 37 years of driving a commercial vehicle.  Well, as most drivers say, driving a big truck.  But it doesn't come close to the amazing people I have met.  Some are still trucking, some are retired, and some are driving that chrome-plated truck in the sky.


​As the years go by I have gotten tired of OTR trucking and I now work locally.  You could say, Semi-Retired.  LOL...

I have so many stories to tell and so much pertinent advice to give that I thought, why not share it with you.  I look forward to making vlogs, writing blogs, and sharing as much as I can until I get promoted to the big truck in the sky.  Keep the shinny side up drivers.  God Bless.

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