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Creating video and audio projects for 15 years.

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As the founder of Media Iowa, I have been on hundreds of assignments gathering B-Roll and acquiring interviews for 3rd party clients. Freelance is a wonderful way to fulfill one's dreams of journalism. That being said, I also have a passion for creating podcasts. I have created, produced, edited, and directed almost a hundred for various clients. Since creating this website I have sold 8 podcast creations to folks that really want to start off their podcast career professionally. I never care whether I fail at podcasting personally because it is my passion. Thomas Edison failed a thousand times before he got it right, so I have a long way to go. Happy Podcasting!

At Media Iowa, we strive to create the best content for your project. We do this with a proprietary promise to never divulge any information to anyone. None of the projects we work on are displayed publically so that you may release them when you are ready.


We offer podcasting, voice-over, video production, editing, direction, scriptwriting, B-Roll, (from within the state of Iowa), and free advisory meetings.

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